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 1- ABOUT S.G.P.G.I.


The Institute is to the southwest of Lucknow City on National highway 24B (Rae Bareli Road).It is close to the Lucknow airport (approx. 12 km), Lucknow Charbagh railway station (approx.14 km) and Lucknow interstate bus terminus (approx. 15 km)



The hospital is located nearly 1 km from the Institute main gate and a regular free shuttle bus makes a to-and-fro trip every 10–15 minutes. The hospital works as a referral hospital and endeavors to work on an appointment system. 

   Though most patients are required to bring a referral slip from the referring physician/ surgeon, but even such patients who have not been referred by a doctor but are suffering from a disease that can be treated at SGPGIMS are also welcome.


  The in-patient treatment at S.G.P.G.I hospital is highly organized and all efforts are made to reduce inconvenience to patients that is usually the case at various gover The on-line health information system of the hospital is synchronized to the online billing system and online pharmacy. Patients are provided all medicines, consumables, surgical material etc. at the bed-side, for which the patients are charged a highly subsidized cost, in most cases- about 30-40% less than the MRP.


                               The referring physicians are requested to indicate the nature of patients' problem, the specialty at the Institute they wish to refer the patient to and the nature of help required from the Institute. S.G.P.G.I. is a UP state government owned and run hospital and has some of the best trained andn internationally renowned doctors on its payroll. All doctors, nurses, and other personnel are full- time salaried staff, and patients need not pay any amount in form of their professional fees.

 However, the hospital charges a highly subsidized cost for all investigations, treatment, medications etc., which is about 10% to 25% of costs at corporate/ private hospitals of comparable quality in India The Institute hospital endeavors to work on an appointment system. Thus, the patients are expected to re-visit the Institute hospital only on appointed days, except in case of an emergency.    Patients once seen are usually provided an appointment for any investigations, outpatient consultation, admission for treatment and surgery.




The Institute caters for emergencies relating to the specialties existing at the institute but not for general medical emergencies. It does not have a full-fledged emergency medicine/ trauma department, and is not geared to manage acute emergencies and trauma cases. Any such patients received at the emergency receiving station of S.G.P.G.I are referred to other hospitals in the city, and are provided only first-aid/ supportive treatment


Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (S.G.P.G.I.M.S) is a medical Institute under State Legislature Act, located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It was established in 1983 and is named after Sanjay Gandhi. This autonomous institute is a University established under a constitutional act. Located on a sprawling 700 acres, the institute offers its own degrees, which are duly recognized by the Medical Council of India. The Institute offers DM, MCh, MD, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellowships (PDF) and Post-Doctoral Certificate Courses (PDCC), and Senior Residency in various specialties.


The institute has the following departments:

    • Bio-statistics and Health Informatics

    • Medicine

    • Pathology

    • Pulmonary Medicine

    • Microbiology

    • Radiology

    • Transfusion Medicine

    • Plastic Surgery & Burns

    • Molecular Medicine

    • Maternal & Fetal Medicine

  • Anaesthesiology Anesthesiology, Intensive Care & Pain Management

  • Hematology / hemato-oncology & Bone marrow transplantation unit

  • Clinical Immunology & Rheumatology

  • NeurosurgeryNeurology

  • ​Surgical Gastroenterology & Liver Transplantation unitGastroenterology

  • Cardio-Vascular & thoracic surgery

    • Critical Care Medicine

    • Cardiology

    • Urology

    • Nephrology

    • Endocrine & Breast

    • Surgery

    • Endocrinology

    • Medical Genetics

    • Radiotherapy / Radiation and clinical oncology- Regional Cancer Centre

2- Company Payment Plan

                                             We believe in “Pehle  Aap” which is “ First You” in which we want to crack the myth and fear of the buyer about the mindset that builder will take  their huge money in the name of booking and allotment of the property and will delay the possession and will also compromise with construction quality and therefore to break this myth we have bring a payment plan in which after receiving the booking amount of Rs. 11,000/- we will start our construction work and the buyer will have to pay us after the successive stages of completion of work which is mentioned below in  the table and also for flat as well this would be the same as above: -

pamyment plan 3 copy.jpg

         This is really a revolutionary payment plan in Real Estate field when buyer finds himself tension free as he is always at the edge that payment will be given after the completion of stages of work. Our management hopes that our clients will now have more confidence on our company to invest their money with more trust now. We have tried our best to understand this payment issue of buyer and have taken this revolutionary step.



While there are many smart products available today, it isn't until these devices work together in orchestration, that you experience the magic of a smart home. From homes small to large, new and old, G-Echo Automation delivers power and performance on one platform that coordinates the technology in your house into complete, brilliant experiences—interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy. With one touch, dim the lights, stream high-resolution music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system. Or, check in on your home no matter where you are. It's a smarter living experience that you'll wonder how you ever lived without. We call it, the New Normal.



Peace of mind from safety of your home and family whether you are at home or away. Monitor your doorstep and lock/unlock your door from home or anywhere across the globe and arm buzzer when burglar comes at your doorstep.

Lock & Alert

Now, no need to monitor your camera the whole day and instead of it get an alert video call on your Smart phone when anyone press the doorbell and then you can receive the call to view, hear and talk to the person at your doorstep and ask him the reason of his arrival and if you do not recognize the person at your doorstep than you may ask him to leave or else turn on the buzzer sound so that all the society members could get to know about the intrusion so that they may catch that person and on the other hand if you recognize that person on the video than you may also lock/unlock your door from your Smart phone through just one touch. The most special feature is that you can perform all this activities either from your home or from anywhere across the globe with your Smart phone.


 With alternately switching on/off light of different-different room of your home when you are away from your home through your mobile phone, you can make your home to appear as occupied to the burglars providing additional peace of mind when you are away.

Armed Motion Alarm

You can arm motion sensor of the device 'On' through your Smartphone when you are away or at night so that when any one comes in the front of your door than a buzzer alarm starts automatically in loud noise so that all the society members and security guard may hear the sound and get to know about the suspicious activity at your doorstep and respond to it accordingly and also all this activity can be watched and will get recorded on your Smartphone.

E-mail, Memory & Compatibility

 You can connect up to 8 Smartphone of your family member to perform all these activities mention above and also store images and videos by inserting an external memory card of 64 GB. All the images, videos and time record can also be saved on your email automatically, so that you can show the images or videos to the police that who tried to come across your doorstep in case of any intrusion occurs.

HD Video Monitring

 You can easily monitor your doorstep any time from your Smartphone/tablet from your home or from anywhere across the globe. Through this feature of our device, you can monitor your doorstep sharp clear even during the dark night. 

Secure Motion Bulb

 This bulb turns on automatically when any one comes in its range which dodges the burglar with the feeling that someone in the house has watched him and has turned on the light, therefore this bulb act as a night watchman.




The true beauty of voice controlled Echo based system is that it is uniquely programmed to your lifestyle and coded to virtually control anything and everything at your home. Now simply let your home to be your slave that works on the commands of your voice.

Voice Control Your Appliances

From lights to fan, pool to thermostats, tea maker to geyser, a.c. to TV and almost anything in between or apart can be operated with your voice. So, no matter what appliances or devices are there at your home, through your voice you can control and manage them all.

Voice Control Your Music

 The interoperability of our voice controlled music operation in which you can listen to any song by just commanding the name of your song or even volume adjustment through your voice. You may also listen to different F.M channels by just commanding this device through your voice which will surely let you feel the exceptional enjoyable experience inside your own smart home.

Voice Control Your Reminders & Alarm

 When it comes to smart and intelligent automation control, our devices stands unbeatable and in this row of automation, now you can set reminders with your voice and our device will record it and will recall it to you at your desired time and date so that you never miss an opportunity to be not called as smart and similarly you can set alarm by your voice command and our device will wake you up with a buzzer and voice just like a smart guardian takes your care.

Voice Control Your Robotic Assistant

 We provide you a robotic assistant that will answer your entire general knowledge question, read today's news, answer mathematical questions, tell weather and climatic conditions, assists in kitchen by telling recipes of your choice, or any other queries of your children that can make their memory sharp and smart. So this particular device can make you feel and live like an iron man in your own smart home.


Safety inside the home whether it is from fire ,electricity or gas is the major issue that our smart devices can tackle with and can defeat it automatically as well, so that to make you feel relax at home or away from the tension of your family's safety.


Fire Safety

 Your smart home will consist of a self-activating handheld device which can extinguish fire completely in less than a second without emitting any harmful thing that can harm anyone present around it. It gets self-activated when it feels high temperature of fire therefore it is very easy to use and can be used in fire occurred due to electric short circuit as well. This little device puts peace of mind so that you can be assured that your family is safe at your home.

Gas Safety

 As elegant as it is effortless, our gas leakage detector device responds automatically when there is a gas leakage and alert your family members by a loud alarm buzzer. This additional feature in your house keeps peace of mind from the unfortunate miss-happenings.



Smart lightning enhances energy efficiency and adds up the feeling of convenience, elegance, comfort, luxury and lavish lifestyle to your smart automated home and will definitely make your home extraordinarily smarter.

Remote, Smart Phone & Voice Controlled Lightening

 With G- Echo Automation's smart lightening, you can voice control your lights by commanding it on or off with your voice through Echo enabled device and on the same hand you can do the same by our remote and your Smartphone/tablet as well. You may also dimmer the light according to your mood and comfort which can be energy efficient as well.

Motion Lights

 These LED electronic lights are fixed in washroom which automatically turn 'On' when you enter inside the bathroom and it automatically turns 'Off' as well after 45 seconds when you exit out from the bathroom which lets you experience the magical smartness of your home and it saves your wastage of electricity also.

Night Sensible Lights

 These smart lights responds and turns on automatically in low visibility /night and automatically turns off in high visibility/day which makes you relax about turning on/off outdoors lights, which in turn saves energy and also makes your neighbor know about the smartness of your home as well.

Night Sensible Lights

 These smart lights responds and turns on automatically in low visibility /night and automatically turns off in high visibility/day which makes you relax about turning on/off outdoors lights, which in turn saves energy and also makes your neighbor know about the smartness of your home as well.

Night Sensible Lights

 These smart lights responds and turns on automatically in low visibility /night and automatically turns off in high visibility/day which makes you relax about turning on/off outdoors lights, which in turn saves energy and also makes your neighbor know about the smartness of your home as well.



As the name suggests G for GREEN Energy in G-Echo Automation it provide such a Sustainable intelligent and automotive solution which is efficiently designed in energy management through which it returns your investment on making your home into a Smart Home in just few couple of years because we believe that Energy saving is not only required for our budget management but it is the need of the hour  for  our developing globe.


G-Echo automation's smart home lets you to enjoy the experience of a comfortable, convenient and elegant lavish lifestyle. The smartly integrated and personalized automation system will simplify and automate your activities inside your home.



We put the convenience, security, safety, peace of mind and comfort right in the palm of the handicapped and senior citizen's hand, so that they can monitor or control anything and everything from their Smartphone and our remotes. We make them entirely self-dependent by providing voice enabled system through which they can do the same with their voice as well.


Bank Loan is a facility that Bank Provides to our buyers that if they aren’t able to buy the house due to insufficient bank balance than buyers can lend from the bank with a certain rate of intrest in which the buyer can return in easy e.m.i  till 25 years at maximum.

Green Valley Crest Infraheights Private Limited is a trusted company amongst all the NBFC bank that provides loan to the non L.D.A and Non- Awas Vikas properties. Due to the success of our previous projects which was financed by the NBFC bank our Company has a good repo and track record with them and moreover our current project “ Green Valley Residency” is also financed in this project. Few  NBFC banks are LIC, DHFL, India Bulls,  Aadhar, Dabar etc.

 BankLoan Procedure


                                                                       Green Valley takes a step ahead to provide bank loan to its buyer and stands as a mediator between the buyer and bank and appoints an employee of the bank that will guide and support you with all the paper formalities and also for deep level of enquiry with him about all the procedure. Green Valley ensures completely that its buyer doesn’t suffers harrasment in long and tidy procedure and behaviour of bank and therefore have tie up with all the NBFC to get priviledge to its buyer in this whole procedure.



now the buyers will have a assistant from bank who will let you know the basic document that will be required and will call you once with all this document in the bank and with a processing fees cheque and after your signature on documents you will start getting update on phone call and email about the process and you can track it as well with your assistant and the bank will call you himself when all this procedure ends, to sign the final papers and you can go for registry of the plot the same day. So, its a simple two time visit and sign process that the Company eases to you through its tie up relationship.


All the bank that are in NBFC or other nationalised bank as well will give a bank loan of 50 to 65% to the buyer but we ensure you to get upto 85% of bank loan of the total amount. The disbursement procedure of the bank is categorsed in two categories when we talk about Row House and that is Plot plus construction.

                                                Money Disbursement of Bank


In a simple words there will be two parts of this Loan first is plot purchasing where you will take 30% of total amount and second is construction where you will get 70% of the total amount which will be in equal four parts of 70% divided in 25% each. After completion of paper enquiry of bank you will have to do the registry of the plot where the buyer will give 20% of 30% of the total amount of plot and rest amount of 70% of 30% will be given by bank and after registery, the bank will keep the registry document with them and will give the cheque of the amount to us and then we will start the construction of the row house and will get and 25% of 70% of construction loan amount after the survey of you and bank together and similarly will be procedure of other three 25% of 70% of the construction loan amount.


So, Bank ensures the buyer that their money will only be disbursed after the builder completes their work in four steps so that builder can neither delay the work nor can take the money and refuses to build and also same is with the amount that the bank gives for registry, here also bank gives money to the builder through his own advocate (who will be involved in registry) after the completion of registration of the plot. Therefore bank acts as a purchaser and not you and ensures that each of its money that they are gving to the builder will be after the work so that if you become defaulter and unable to pay loan e.m.i than bank will have property as asset atleast with them, and this very thing brings the ease of mind to you about the tension of delay in project and also that all the legal document of the property is correct because they check our property at a very large scale.

Let us understand by an example that if the value of Row House is Rs 100 than bank will assume 30 Rupees will be the cost of plot and 70 Rupees will be the cost of construction in our case scenario. So, Now lets talk one by one , First 30 Rupees of plot will be given to the builder in a ratio of 25% : 75% i.e 25% of Rs 30 will be given  by buyer and 75% of Rs. 30 will  be given by the bank at the same day of registry and after registry construction work will start and then comes second step where Rs. 70 will have to be given to the builder.


And here bank says 10% : 90% can take part 10% by buyer and 90% by bank and also note that this Rs. 70 will be given in Four instalment to the builder in equal 25% of ratio and that also after completies of 25% of work sequentiatialy every 25% will be given after completion of 25% of work. We hope this example helped a lot in understanding the money disbursement process. For flats their exists a 20:80 ratio where buyer will have to give 20% of the total amount to the builder and bank gives the rest amount of 80%. The builder and the money disbursement of 80% of bank to the builder will be in five installment of 20% of 80% in accordance to the survey of the progress of work as it was in Row Houses.

For Plots also 20:80 ratio will exist and money disbursement will be at the day of registry of the plot in total by the bank and buyer to the builder.



Pd. Deen Dayal Upadhaya was a politician. He was also one of the member of parliament of India. So, in the memory of Deen Dayal Upadhaya they have built this Pd. Deen Dayal Upadhaya which is situated in Rae-Bareily, in Lucknow.

 This park is maintained by irrigation department of state and also their are thousands of flowers in this park which is grown to have research on them but for visitors these flowers attracts these attention and gives of mind.

Awning Tents

It is one of the largest park in Lucknow. Because it is an eco-friendly park; it is an excellent place to visit with your family and friends and also there is a large fountainto enjoy and see with your family and swimming pool and water boating adds up to the elegance in the charm of the park.

Park Love

If we talk about the ticket price for visiting this park well let me tell you that it is absolutely free for everyone, anybody can visit this park. ransportation medium are bus and auto which are available within the city. You can travel with the public bus and even with the auto. You can also hired the cab service which is also available in order to go and visit the park.

Power Walk
Golden Gate Park



                               WE ARE THANKFUL FOR YOUR                                                   EVERY MOMENT  OF  OUR                   


Congratulations on being part of  our family ! The whole company welcomes you and we look forward to a successful journey with you! Welcome aboard!


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